Friday, 12 August 2016

Winter Species Cyclamen

Late winter and my Cyclamen coum (above) are blooming well in their pretty little terracotta pots, many with a nicely aged patina. I have a number of these pots thanks to my mum-in-law (they probably came from her mother-in-law) and they set off my dainty bulbs so well; winter species cyclamen just now. 
Cyclamen coum flowers tend to be cerise or white, and so are these; one is very handsome with white blooms with a carmine 'nose'. 
I love that cyclamen can flower year-round if you choose enough species: chubby Cyclamen coum for winter, tough-as-boots C. hederifolium for autumn, C. repandum has elegant deep pink blooms in spring and round-leaf C. purpurescens flowers in summer. Hailing from central Europe (unlike the others - Mediterranean and summer-dormant) the latter is evergreen and if I let mine dry out they sulk stubbornly for quite some time. (Does this spur me to keep them watered? Well, I do try.)

If you'd like to see some of my favourite cyclamen plants check out Gardening Australia on iview; the 5 minute segment aired on 21st May '16. I showed off my C. hederifolium with completely silver leaves (above) amongst others.
Where to buy these treasures? Try Gentiana Nursery (Olinda),  Dicksonia (Macedon), Hillview Rare Plants (the latter is mail-order, good news for main-landers).
They're easy to grow from seed, too - and get interesting ones from (amongst other places) the Cyclamen Society.
Most of my Cyclamen coum have lovely dappling on the leaves, sometimes forming a Christmas tree pattern.
Why have plain leaves if you can have - for cyclamen, anyhow (I'm not a big fan of the variegated, normally!) - that gorgeous marbled foliage?
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