Saturday, 18 July 2015

Cold Fact (Apologies to Rodriguez)

Is Melbourne’s freezing weather caused, still, by that `Antarctic Vortex’?
Zero degrees outside this morning and we’ve never seen a frost like it in our 2 decades in the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges (our elevation is only 170m) just outside Melbourne.
What to do? Make (ephemeral) art of course!
An optimistic spring-like Fibonacci spiral swept onto the icy circle of lawn seemed just right, after I’d donned rather more layers of clothes than is usual for this latitude.

Here I’m afraid I am – on a small scale - somewhat copying the transient dew gardens of Chris Parsons ( in Buckinghamshire, UK, although making a dent in hard frost is harder than sweeping mere dew. If I’d planned this, the lawn would be mown, edged...but I’m glad my ragged bit of fun is so different from the elegant swards of Parson; it feels a lot less like plagiarism, more like inspiration.

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