Saturday, 28 February 2015

Autumn Rushes In

Autumn rushes in with a cleansing cloudburst of rain, then a torrent, overnight.
Colchicum (above) are beginning to flower and belladonna lilies (below) continue to bloom like never before – perhaps due to the rain we’ve had now and then through summer.
Cyclamen hederifolium have appeared too while C. purpurescens (last picture) continue their summer show. (Grown from seed and all with different silvery markings to their leaves, my Cyclamen purpurescens are not all in flower at any one time in summer but many are; and keeping them watered well keeps them nicely evergreen unlike the other sweet little cyclamen species.)
White belladonna lilies (Amaryllis belladonna) pop their heads over the parapet of other vegetation and laugh.
Jill Weatherhead is horticulturist, writer, garden designer and principal at Jill Weatherhead Garden Design who lives in the Dandenong Ranges east of Melbourne, and works throughout Victoria (

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