Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Peas, Leeks and Borecole

Winds above 100km/hour blew down the sugarsnap pea tripods overnight. So now they are tied up to the chook fence and growing beautifully amongst the leeks and the last of the flowering Tuscan kale – hopefully I can collect seed from them. With Red Russian kale just planted, maybe I’ll get some of the different kinds of kale (or borecole) to add to the collection here; lots of attractive foliage.
So I visit Chiltern Seeds and after a few clicks I’ve ordered various kale: `Dwarf green curled’, `Scarlet’ (tall, red-grey), `Redbor’ (purple, frilly), and `Winterbor’ (deep blue-green). It transpires that Tuscan kale is also named `Nero de Toscana’; how romantic!
My record with leeks isn’t great, but forgetting to water `em induces some serious flower heads. Is it an edible patch if it’s largely pleasing to the eye (or mine) and little is harvested?
Don’t worry, I will definitely eat the peas.

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