Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Sudden Spring Forte

It’s a bit scary, frankly.
Spring has whooshed in with unaccustomed ferocity, more Mrs Bennet (a beauty, if briefly, in her youth, and can’t you see her putting on every jewel she owns and her mother’s too?) than seemingly-meek Jane Eyre (with barely a ribbon to adorn her).
Daffodils blown over in a flash. New plants flowering each day, some way too early, like tulips, while camellias still flashily bloom, wattle gleam with gold and flowering quince shine red, pink or white.
Australia has just had the warmest year on record, and the warmest winter, following the warmest summer.
I thought it was premature to anticipate another warm summer but no, we’ve barely seen out the first week of spring, and here are serious bushfires to Sydney’s west just 3 days after the country has elected as new Prime Minister a man who says he will repeal our carbon tax.
What will we tell our grandchildren?

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