Thursday, 11 October 2012

The second half of spring

As far as I’m concerned, we have just entered the second half of spring. Evidence? Exhibit 1: Last week's temperature was 28 degrees here in Selby. Exhibit 2: the washing is dry. Exhibit 3: a sleeping wallaby 2m from the door. Exhibit 4: honeyeaters darting under the veranda, collecting spider webs so it must be nest-building time. Exhibit 5: Tulips are flowering. Exhibit 6: to my great pleasure, the `paths’ – and I use this term loosely – are starting to dry out. When getting to the sheds entails donning old trousers and boots, and wading through mud 6-inches deep – how I wish I was making this up! – a change is very obvious. C’mon El Nino! (Sacrilege? Probably.) My drought-tolerant plants can’t tolerate too much more of this bogginess. Note to self: plant everything (everything!) in raised beds.

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