Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Orchid Road

Orchid Road was our meeting place, with friends; how appropriate I reflected after we had wandered through Baluk Willam Reserve and found about 6 kinds. Tiny Mayfly Orchids, tall and nodding lettuce-green to translucent Greenhoods, and little maroon Helmeted-orchids – new to me - hiding in the grass. Some of the flora here is found on our property too which gives both a sense of belonging and interest in a slightly (unjustified) proprietary way.
I was very useful: `What are these?’ I enquired of the small round heads of Helmeted-orchids nestled on the ground after our friends – who were seeking this species in particular – had passed them by. Bronze and green Cobra Greenhoods were also new to me. Muddy knees were a trivial result of seeking the perfect photo as we slowly traversed the path; was it worth standing up only to lie down again? Where was the Sherpa bearing cafĂ© au lait and croissants? And do I need a better camera? As usual, we pledged to visit again, soon.
Splashes of yellow wattles and pink or white heath (Epacris) bestowed strong colour to the bush while handsome leaves of sun-orchids and others give promise of interest to come. Seeing J discuss the local plants with such knowledge made me both proud and impressed; this reminds me of when we bought our property and mum (a botanist) identified so many plants for us. Here she is showing us a bearded orchid; later we found an albino form, amongst the 14 orchids we’ve found here – so far.

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