Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Double snowdrops and the mysterious shrinking house

Early spring has arrived, the season of gold daffodils, petite iris, the last of the snowdrops and the first of the shell-pink Cyclamen, tiny windflowers (Anemone heldreitchii left) and precocious Scilla of smoky cobalt blue.

A burst of warmth has thrust the forest into a new season: the bright lemon and bold yellow of Silver Wattles has spread to others - Golden Wattle, little Myrtle wattle and my favourite, elegant weeping Cinnamon Wattle.  

Venture out in the cool morning and there is something new each day. I love this time of promise to come, the garden full of buds rather than flowers, nothing yet blown over into sad brownness by hot winds.  It’s the best season of them all.

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