Monday, 11 June 2012

Sweet bells of soft cherry-red, tipped parchment-lemon, are gracing my correa (C. reflexa or native fuchsia) near the back door; I am hoping it’ll grow to 1m high and so shade some little woodland treasures (my first love) skulking underneath. This is the local variant - green flowers also occur - and the offering of nectar (with its handsome package) for honeyeaters will continue until the spring equinox and beyond. Other birds are said to poke a hole through the flower, near the base of the bell, to get their shot from the barista. It’s odd, though: renowned as a refreshment stop for the avian ones, I don’t see them there, yet every day I’m delighted by fluttering Eastern Spinebills working through the salvia flowers (particularly Salvia microphylla hybrids) outside the kitchen window. It may just be serendipity, but I’d like to plant another Correa reflexa near all the activity and see how they compare there; hardly scientific but I am in the kitchen (seeking nectar myself) quite a bit!

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